The Conscious Cook

Cover of The Conscious Cook Sustainable Cooking and Living by Giselle Wilkinson

A Recipe for a Sustainable Future

How can we live more sustainably, changing our behaviour in ways that work for ourselves and for the world? As people everywhere eat – at home, at work, for health, for taste, for indulgence, socially and to satisfy hunger – one way is through food. It connects us all.

This book takes us on a journey into the breadth of food-associated issues, helps us join the dots connecting the issues and demonstrates the complexity of sustainability and the simplicity of many of the actions involved in achieving it.

Containing 50 delicious recipes covering an eclectic mix of ethnicities, ingredients and dishes, The Conscious Cook is completely different from other cookbooks. It looks at food, not only from the point of health and taste, but also through the lens of the global sustainability movement working to reduce our impact on our very stressed planet. The Conscious Cook raises awareness of the interconnections that link human health and wellbeing with that of the health of the planet.

  • Do you wonder what you can do in your busy life that will be meaningful and make a difference?
  • Are you surprised to find plastic bags and fertilisers are made of oil? Confused about what rice to buy?
  • Do the distances our food travels and the water content in their production amaze you?
  • What impact do your food purchases and cooking practices have on the planet and what can you do about it?

Bravely tackling this complex issue, this avant-garde cookbook offers a way forward and equips us with some 'sustainable living' thinking to help us grapple with the issues and steer towards a sustainable future. You'll be surprised at how tantalising it is and how easy it is to make a difference.

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